Out of Hours Service

The Out of Hours Doctors Service (028 9079 6220) is available outside of surgery hours for patients requiring URGENT medical attention.

Monday – Friday:    6pm – 8.30am

Weekends & Public Holidays:    24 hours

Please Note: The Out of Hours Doctors Service will put you in contact with the doctor on duty.  After talking to the patient, the doctor may be able to give satisfactory advice or the patient may be asked to visit an emergency centre.  Only if the doctor feels it is necessary will a home visit be made.

The Practice are currently experiencing an extremely high volume of calls as they deal with unprecedented demand on their service.

You can help with this by choosing an appropriate time and means to contact the Practice for your query i.e. use the answerphone or online service for script orders, only phone for results between 3-4.30 pm and choose a later time in the day to phone the practice for any general enquiries.

Your Practice team are dealing with a workload which far outstrips capacity, please be understanding of the daily challenges which they face to deliver services to you.